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Mobile app

Safe At Home

Already a well-known brand offline, Kidde Canada wanted to venture into the mobile app world. But they wanted to provide real value to their present and future customers rather than simply moving old media to a new format.

There was a key problem to solve: how do we make sure the app stays installed after the first few uses?


Big Data & Multi Platform App

Vet Practice Report Card

As software developers we’re used to having detailed analytics available to understand and fine-tune our business and interactions with customers. But offline businesses like veterinary practices haven’t, until now, had the same tools available.

We’re big fans of making data-driven product and business decisions so we jumped at the chance to help solve this problem.


VetSuccess - Helping practices be more successful We crunch the numbers and deliver reports to you so that you can make decisions and take action more effectively.
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“Very easy to work with, and always exceeded my expectations.”

— Brandon Budz, Yellow Pages Group

“For entrepreneurs and startups, you should consider the OK GROW! team the technical team that you are unable to recruit. They recognize the importance of building your own internal team, and due to their active presence in the local tech community, will help you in cultivating that team. Most of all, they're a group of great people that are interested in seeing your company thrive as much as their own.”

— Adam Epstein, HUDDLERS

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