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The client

VetSuccess is analytics for veterinary practices. VetSuccess provides reports that help vet practice owners and managers assess the health of their business and identify opportunities to improve.

The goal

We set out 5 years ago to create a service that transforms raw data about client visits and transactions into reports that give insights into key business metrics including growth of active and new patients, listings of lapsing patients, and trends in revenue. Our client had deep industry knowledge and came to us for the technical expertise required to make it happen.

The solution

  • Implemented a test-driven development process
  • Implemented BDD to translate business requirements into code and drive development of the product. BDD helps to avoid redesigns and keep delivery on time by eliminating rework during the development process.
  • Managed a large amount of data (over a billion records) using Amazon RDS.
  • Created an auto-scaling cluster of workers on AWS to process the data and generate reports.
  • Used Machine Learning to replace manual work that had been required for new client onboarding with an automated process.
  • Helped them create and scale their own development team, setting them up with best practices that include test-driven development and BDD.

The result

VetSuccess has grown into a well-known name in the veterinary data industry and was recently acquired for their leading-edge, data-focused technology by VetSource, a leading US-based veterinary pharmacy service provider!

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