Tech-stack migration at Ticketmaster

GraphQL and React Native training

The client

Ticketmaster stays ahead of their competitors by constantly improving their infrastructure. One of their recent successes was migrating their existing tech stack to GraphQL and React Native.

The goal

Our goal was to help Ticketmaster get up to speed with GraphQL and React Native quickly with the least amount of disruption to the client facing functions, and in the process, make sure that their team was excited about the changes.

The solution

We started out with GraphQL training sessions for three different teams. These were well-received an d Ticketmaster ended up requesting an additional training class – a three-day customized training on React Native to help move all Ticketmaster apps to React Native.

We made sure that we understood our client’s needs right away. This helped to tailor the training according to what the Ticketmaster teams were looking for – engaging, hands-on training material that could be implemented right away.

Our biggest win was a successful transfer of knowledge, supported by a highly collaborative and interactive environment. This approach not only satisfied our client’s needs, but also led to an additional training engagement.

The result

Today Ticketmaster is using GraphQL to unify their back-end systems and provide data to web and mobile client apps more efficiently. And they are using React Native to develop native Android and iOS apps more quickly and at a lower cost by sharing code between the two platforms and by leveraging JS tools and experience that already exists throughout the company.

And being an early adopter of GraphQL helped them gain new mindshare with the larger development community, it is now common to see Ticketmaster’s public GraphQL APIs being used as examples in blog posts.

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