Revolutionizing music collaboration with Sessionwire

Web application case study

The client

Meet Sessionwire - a global, online music production platform that allows musicians and producers to record together online, achieving studio quality results regardless of where they are located in the world.

The goal

The goal was to to add new features to Sessionwire’s existing web application. We set out to:

  • Add a social layer, building out tools that would help grow its community of users
  • Implement a robust and scalable development process that would ensure the app’s growth in the future

The solution

  • We ran a Design Sprint to get in the headspace of producers and musicians and identify some key points that would help validate our solutions
  • We added social network features that would allow users to easily get in touch with each other including video, user profiles, and friending
  • We added a payment processing feature to ease the subscription to the recording service
  • We equipped Sessionwire’s team with development best practices and industry standards that would help them easily address any future maintenance, scaling, and process issues in the future

A few things we did along the way:

  • Perform a full code audit & system architecture review
  • Implement CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)

The result

Together, Sessionwire and OK GROW! redefined the way music lovers, producers, and artists can connect and create. The new web application lets you easily build your network and expand your creative boundaries.

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