Seam – smarter personal safety for everyone

React Native mobile application

The client

Seam had a vision for a personal safety platform. They had begun creating a unique wearable device with a fashion focus. They’re a very design-focused company.

The goal

Seam wanted to build a mobile app to integrate with the device. The concept was to be able to record GPS, camera, and audio data to share with trusted contacts in real time.

The solution

We built a mobile app with React Native that was cross-platform at it’s core, (one code-base for both iOS and Android), but deeply integrated into each platform and heavily customized to take advantages of native features like Google Assistant on Android. This means core logic is shared but there is native code on each platform where required.

At the initial stages, the focus was mainly on the bluetooth hardware and the software for the wearable device. However as we iterated the direction shifted more toward the app. We went far beyond the recording of location, sound and images and added Google Assistant integration and social features.

We handled many technical challenges such as working around various platform restrictions, Bluetooth hardware integration, and using a path-smoothing algorithm to clean up unreliable and noisy location data.

seam in action

The result

We built a React Native mobile app for both iOS and Android, with deep platform integration and one code base for lower overall production cost and faster iteration.

Iteration is also more efficient due to an automated build and deployment pipeline that submits new mobile builds to the app stores and even includes “code push” to deploy some types of UI and core logic updates to mobile clients without needing the app store approval process.

And we were so proud when Seam was named the Most Innovative Wearable at CES 2018!

seam app screen

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