Improving investment experience with Rapunzl

Mobile application case study

The client

Rapunzl is a collaborative learning platform for people looking to learn about trading securities in a social environment. The app lets you collaborate with other investors, crowdsource investment ideas, share insights, and discover new strategies to help you get more from your investments.

The goal

We set out to build a React Native cross-platform mobile app with social networking, live trading, and educational features.

alt text

The solution

We started with a Design Sprint to help answer critical business and design questions.

alt text

We then built out the following:

  • Social networking features to help users validate their investment choices, keep in touch, collaborate, provide feedback, and gain confidence to keep trading
  • Live trading and latest market news features to make sure users were building their investment skills to achieve greater results
  • A contest feature to make sure users were engaged and motivated to keep using the app as a real life investment aid tool

alt text

The result

We built a cross-platform app from a single codebase, allowing one pair of JS experts to replace two separate iOS and Android teams. Not only did that reduce the initial effort, it also allowed the many product iterations that occurred to be more efficient.

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