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Workpop is a funded startup in L.A. that found themselves facing an accelerated product roadmap. Meteor was in its infancy as a platform, and there were only a handful of good teams around that could step up to bat and work on one of the largest Meteor apps in production.


Safe At Home mobile app

Already a well-known brand offline, Kidde Canada wanted to venture into the mobile app world. But they wanted to provide real value to their present and future customers rather than simply moving old media to a new format.

There was a key problem to solve: how do we make sure the app stays installed after the first few uses?


Practice Report Card app

As software developers we’re used to having detailed analytics available to understand and fine-tune our business and interactions with customers. But offline businesses like veterinary practices haven’t, until now, had the same tools available.

We’re big fans of making data-driven product and business decisions so we jumped at the chance to help solve this problem.


VetSuccess - Helping practices be more successful We crunch the numbers and deliver reports to you so that you can make decisions and take action more effectively.

Toronto Tech Roster

Toronto has a huge and vibrant tech community and we love being a part of it.

Just for fun we built a community site for developers to connect with each other, show their projects and get feedback, and find mentors and project opportunities.

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Jaunt Destinations

Jaunt Destinations is a curated vacation guide and travel booking app. Photography and design is featured, breaking away from standard travel industry look and feel. Technical features include deep integration with travel industry API's and the JavaScript-based booking UI which can be used on other sites using a simple JS script tag, and responsive design supporting all types of mobile devices.

Jaunt Destinations Guide - helping travelers learn more about vacation hotspots


eqAverage is a project management app with real-time graphs. Built using the AngularJS browser-based app framework and the D3.js graphing library, it uses WebSockets to stream live data to an infographic-style dashboard.

eqAverage - project management app with real-time graphs


HUDDLERS is sports scheduling for recreational athletes. The first iteration was a web app for managing events and teams, with all standard social features such as friend and teammate connections, activity stream, commenting, and sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

HUDDLERS - sports scheduling for recreational athletes is a music sharing and recommendation iPhone app. The back-end service provides an API that's used by the iOS app and generates recomendations and manages sharing songs and playlists with friends. It integrates with API's from Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, Songkick and others. - music sharing and recommendation iPhone app
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“Paul has been one of the best architects I've worked withand I've seen and worked with my fair share. He is super thorough and professional from start to finish. He always keeps his clients' expectations in mind and always delivers a great end product. I really look forward to working with him and his team more in the near future.”

— David Nam,

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