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Learn GraphQL from the trainers recommended by Apollo.


Sharpen your GraphQL skills

We offer both, a fundamentals and an advanced class, one day each. They can be taken separately or combined.

Customized on-site training is also available for your team. For more info please get in touch:

Our engineers have been working with GraphQL full-time since the earliest days and we have been teaching it since 2016.

We were chosen as the training partner at the GraphQL Summit conference both years, and have trained teams like Ticketmaster and LoyaltyOne.

Learn by doing

You’ll be coding right from the start. You’ll learn 10x more by doing than you would by watching PowerPoint slides.

We’ll build an app designed to cover all of the essential areas for building real applications with GraphQL, dealing with real-world issues that we’ve encountered working with large and complex apps for OK GROW!’s clients.

At each step you’ll be taught the concept, given the next goal and the basic outline of the solution, and you’ll work to build the next feature into your own version of the app with one-on-one guidance from the instructors.

Then we’ll regroup and explore the instructors’ solution (which you have access to on GitHub). At the end you’ll have the full working app.

GraphQL Fundamentals
Get up and running with GraphQL, learning the GraphQL language as well as how to implement it in an app to unify all of your data sources – including multiple databases and web APIs – in a single intuitive API.
$495 CAD
Coming soon
  • Why use GraphQL?
  • GraphQL syntax
  • Introduction to Apollo Client
  • Sending queries on the client
  • Triggering mutations on the client
  • Introduction to Apollo Server
  • Writing type definitions
  • Mapping types to data with resolver functions
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Advanced GraphQL
Get the latest techniques and tools that will take your GraphQL to the next level, improving performance, user experience, and manageability. This course is for developers already familiar with building apps with GraphQL and assumes knowledge of GraphQL syntax and basic app architecture.
$495 CAD
Coming soon
  • GraphQL Subscriptions
  • Schema stitching
  • Caching and batching GraphQL operations with Dataloader
  • Imperative client cache updates with update API
  • Optimistic UI in response to a mutation
  • GraphQL in production with Apollo Engine
  • Improving query performance with caching
  • Implementing GraphQL custom directives
  • Customized error handling
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Get both and save!
$895 CAD
Coming soon
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The cost for the separate 1-day classes is $495 CAD each, or $895 CAD for both.

If you’re in Ontario there’s a government grant available, you could pay just $115! Click here for more info.

Team tickets are available at 30% off for 3 or more developers, get in touch:


These dates don’t work for you? Please join the announcement list to be the first to know when the next one is planned.

Why take in-person training?

You can definitely learn on your own. But many people find that they learn faster and more deeply in a group learning environment.

You’ll be exposed to tools, ideas and best practices without needing to sort through outdated and incorrect information.

We’ll show you techniques learned from our client work, guide you through advanced topics, and stay in touch after with one-on-one follow-up.

Have you been meaning to learn GraphQL for a while? Maybe now is the time. Draw a line in the sand. Register now.

What our students say

Loved the training! Really enjoyed the interactivity and hands-on nature of it. The checkpoints with git worked really well to help reset + reorient everyone.

– Adam M.

Awesome class, I felt like there was just enough gaps in the exercises to educate us on the topic but not overwhelm us. It was perfect. Not sure if this is a bad thing but I really wanted more.

– Jason W.

I do back-end work, mainly in Java, but it was just SUPER to see both sides in the intro course, and using Node.js really is THE answer from a training perspective.

– Anonymous

About your instructors

Robert Dickert

Robert Dickert - @rdickert

Robert Dickert has been building apps with GraphQL and React Native for the past two years. Before that he worked at the Meteor Development Group, the creators of Apollo. He has taught both introductory and advanced GraphQL classes at the GraphQL Summit as well as clients like Ticketmaster and Priceline.

Paul Dowman

Paul Dowman - @pauldowman

Paul Dowman has been developing web apps professionally since 1995 and was an instructor at Bitmaker Labs in Toronto (acquired by General Assembly) where he helped set up the program.

Fine print: We make plans based on the enrollment and spend money in advance, so we can’t offer refunds after 48 hours. We know that things come up unexpectedly though, so if you need to change your plans after that then we would be happy to give you a credit for the next time we offer it (which is usually every couple of months).

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch:

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