Learn how to build modern web apps with Node.js, React and GraphQL

JavaScript is at the heart of a new ecosystem for advanced industrial-scale web and mobile applications that feature high development velocity and high scalability. These technologies have become mainstream with their adoption by major companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, GE, and Walmart. Developers and companies that adopt them now will have a competitive advantage over the coming years and will be well-positioned to take advantage of advances in this rapidly-evolving ecosystem.

In our classes you will work hands-on from the beginning, and you will leave with a working app. We’ll show you techniques learned from our client work, guide you through some advanced topics, and stay in touch after with one-on-one follow-up.

JavaScript Training


GraphQL - March 5 & 6, 2018

Date TBD

React Native Training

Full-stack JavaScript Training

Custom Training

Customized on-site classes are also available for your team. For more info please get in touch: hello@okgrow.com.

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