Test-Driven Development

Consistently high development velocity

We want to change the way software is written. Not just because we love our craft, but because it makes business sense. Any software that has real business value needs to live, grow, and change for years. But many businesses are burdened with projects that begin to collapse under their own weight as they grow.

Too often our industry accepts that development velocity begins to slow, that change becomes harder, and that defects can only be kept at bay by more layers of change management process and QA.

But there’s a better way. When developers write tests as they write code it does more than just add a safety net to catch defects. It changes the way the code is written. It allows change to happen without fear of unpredictable consequences. It produces code that’s safe to continually improve.

When developers collaborate with the business in specific ways to explore and drive out business requirements, it does more than just generate documentation. It changes the way the team interacts. It builds a deeper understanding of the problem for both sides and a shared responsibility for the success of the project. It produces examples and scenarios that reflect the real problem and the right solution. This understanding can grow and change but is always validated and kept in sync by passing tests.

And it produces living documentation. Executable specifications which prove that the software does what the business expects it to, with confidence, even after years of change.

This is how we work, we can help you too.


We can work with your team, and we provide more than just a temporary boost. We leave good habits that help you keep development velocity consistently high.

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