Paul Dowman

Founder, and Developer

Paul has been developing web apps since 1995, using JavaScript since it was first released, and Ruby since 2007. He has been managing software projects for much of this time using Agile practices, and is a believer in Lean startup principles. He is experienced with large-scale application architecture as well as with web app performance and scaling.

Karl Danninger


Karl is a full-stack developer & designer with a keen eye for details. Focusing on a user-centered design, he crafts beautiful and functional interactions that are both fun and easy to use. Being both developer & designer, Karl benefits from the understanding between good design practices and the underlying tech that drives it making for fluid and fast implementations.

Richard Gould


Richard has been programming since he was 14, starting with C while working on an open-source video game. In his eight years of professional experience, he has designed and developed multiple desktop and web applications using too many technologies and programming languages to count, while making numerous open source contributions along the way. He has found himself in the role of a mentor at almost every stage, and thoroughly enjoys helping new developers find their way. In his spare time he enjoys travel, learning languages, noisy music and board games.

Michael Hofweller

Director of Growth

Michael founded two accelerator programs where he helped scale a number of startups as well as being a mentor at Startup Weekend. He formerly worked at Toronto’s top innovation firm Kinetic Cafe and has international experience working as an executive for BaseKit, a UK startup.

Tony Semana


With over a decade of work experience in the software development industry, Tony has played roles ranging from business analyst, product manager, project manager, test manager to software developer. Tony brings the full set of software project skills to the products, websites and projects he delivers, ensuring that they will be well-planned, strategically sound, and well-built.

Aryan Goharzad


Aryan started programming at the age of 14 with Pascal and Delphi in Highschool. Having started his professional career at Intel Security and EA’s FIFA team as a low-level C++ developer, he has now found inspiration in the exciting community of React and Meteor. When he is not a code monkey he can be found rock climbing.

Charles Nelson


Curious and inquisitive from a young age, Charles' education led him naturally to programming. He is comfortable developing at all platform levels, from low level C to native mobile and web apps. His talent has taken him from his homeland of Australia to Toronto, and when he isn't tinkering and diving into the latest technology stack you can find him travelling to new countries, climbing mountains, and jumping out of aeroplanes.

Rodrigo Machado


Before discovering a passion for technology Rodrigo studied music, audio engineering and business management. His previous development and project management experiences took him through diverse areas, such as education, finances, human resources and business intelligence. Besides constantly learning and improving, he also loves to spend time with his family and listen to great music.

Robert Dickert


Robert has spent his career bridging technology and business. He has built full-stack web apps, desktop apps, and dev ops tools, but he also has made training materials seen by over 100K viewers, helped nurture a successful open source community, and designed products for telecom carriers. He has worked for a Big Five consulting firm, an S&P 500 energy company, a Silicon Valley startup, and for himself. Robert believes that technology is only valuable when it helps people, and that it takes more than engineering to make a great product. An avid mountain biker, mogul skier, and musician, he has lived abroad in France and Japan. He lives in Boulder, CO.

Oliver Thomas Klein

Designer & Developer

Oliver has been creating things from a young age, starting with music and transitioning into software. He loves to build applications that solve problems, and with a true attention to good design he is always questioning why something works a certain way. Outside of design and development, Oliver loves writing and listening to music, skiing everyday during the winter season, and living out of a backpack.

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“Paul has been one of the best architects I've worked with and I've seen and worked with my fair share. He is super thorough and professional from start to finish. He always keeps his clients' expectations in mind and always delivers a great end product. I really look forward to working with him and his team more in the near future."

— David Nam,

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