We build cross-platform mobile apps and web applications.

We target mobile devices first. We build apps that are delivered via the iOS App Store and Google Play, and we have deep experience building web apps. When a web browser is the platform we aim for the same app-like experience you’d expect on a mobile device.

We can help at any stage but we look for projects that can benefit from our dedicated attention and our expertise launching new products using Lean Startup principles.

We diagnose before we prescribe

We’ll start with a planning session to get an understanding of your business, the goals for your app, and what a successful outcome looks like. The outcome of this session is a project roadmap that defines your minimum viable product and what we’ll measure after it’s launched.

Design thinking first

We start with a Product Design Sprint to make sure we nail the design before we start coding. We'll sketch, story-board, build a high-fidelity mock-up, and test it.

Agile and iterative development

Then we begin to work in weekly iterations, with a team focused solely on your project. At the end of each week of development (even the first!) you’ll be able to start using your app. You’ll meet with us weekly to review the progress so far and plan the next week of work, and you’re even invited to work in our office with us as a full-time team member.

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