A proven, repeatable process

We use a development process that has been proven, and continuously improved, over many successful projects.


Design sprint

We recommend starting with a Design Sprint, a five-day process for answering critical questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.

A Design Sprint allows a shortcut to learning from real customers, compressing months of time into a single week. Instead of waiting to launch a minimal product before getting feedback, you’ll get clear data from a realistic prototype.

Even for someone working in technology, participating in a design sprint is a rare opportunity. How often do you get to spend five full days in a room with the right people, a great facilitator, and a killer process? That’s the trifecta—and we found it at OK GROW!

– Kevin Keystone (VetSuccess)


Discovery week

The second stage of the process is the Discovery Week, where we gather detailed requirements and explore and document all risks. Our Story Mapping and Example Mapping processes ensure that business rules have been clearly defined and documented in a way that will drive the development of code and automated tests. We do a detailed investigation into any unknown technical requirements such as third-party APIs.

I’ve worked with OK GROW! on two different projects. They have always been very professional, highly competent, and always accommodating. I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking for great app developers.

– Erlis Fino (MiOrder)



During the Development stage we work closely with stakeholders and technical team members. We equip your team with a proven and repeatable development process to ensure that success continues long after our engagement ends. We work iteratively and release early and frequently by developing in “vertical slices”, one complete feature at a time. We use test-driven development to produce more reliable products and keep development velocity consistently high over time.

Together we built a platform in one year, and now the best of the best in the space is coming to see us! – Drew Henson (Seam)


Launch & monitoring

We recommend launching early with a high quality minimum viable product, even if only to a trusted test group. Then armed with real-time data about customer behaviour you’ll focus future development effort on building exactly what your customers want, optimizing key metrics for growth.

We recommend the Amazon Web Services platform for deployment, focusing on managed services which reduce the need for operations and maintenance effort, and we use monitoring services which alert us of any issues in real-time.

The best part?

Our team is as Agile as your project. Here is how we work:

Small teams of two to four experts

Keeping teams small and dedicated to your project ensures faster delivery.

Constant and open communication

We’re an extension of your team. We work remotely but we’re in constant communication with video meetings, Slack, and project management tools.

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