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Building a JavaScript testing community one conference at a time

Last month we had the pleasure of organizing Assert(js), the world’s first ever conference focusing on testing for developers.
by Glafira Romanovska

Gearing up for Assert(js) - an interview with JavaScript testing experts

Robert and Paul of the HashBang Show interview a panel of JavaScript testing experts
by Paul Dowman

Assert(js) Speakers Announced!

Assert(js) Testing Conference with a laser focus on JavaScript testing for developers - both UI and Node.js.
by Glafira Romanovska

Real-world Unit Testing with Meteor and Jest

Learn how to unit test async code, stub out meteor and named imports (and other things you don't want to test) with examples.
by Robert Dickert

What is Behaviour Driven Development?

A short definition of Behaviour Driven Development
by Tony Semana

How to deploy a Meteor app to Galaxy using CI (part 1)

How to deploy a Meteor app to Galaxy automatically using a Continuous Integration service (CI)
by Paul Dowman

Meteor 1.3 Official Testing Support - First Impressions

A review of Meteor’s official testing support at version 1.3
by Tony Semana