Worldwide Meteor Day - Biggest open source developer meetup, ever

Hosted around the world with 132 cities and over 500 developers we were so pumped to take part in this epic meeting of minds.

As the Toronto hosts we hooked up with the folks at Mozilla here in the city to set up an event that drew over 100 Meteorites! Some from as far away as Hamilton.

Our founder Paul Dowman ran through a 101 on Meteor:

  • Live Updates
  • Ultra Responsive
  • Hot Deploys
  • Radically Less Code (10 lines instead of 1000)

He also walked everyone through an install and deployment of the framework as well as basic example apps built with Meteor.

Later in the event we connected with a member of the core team from SF as well as several other North American cities to do a live Q&A!

One of the coolest parts of the evening came after the Q&A when people in the community volunteered to demo their apps built totally in Meteor!

Hit us up to chat more about the framework.

If you have an idea you want to build and deploy, we’re awesome at working through MVPs as well :D.

Check out the photos below! Stay classy.

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