We Built Meteor.com :D

Meteor Day, November 6th, was a celebration of the release of Meteor 1.0 which - coincidentally - was the launch of the brand spankin’ new Meteor.com.

Not to brag or anything…

But that wonderful piece of website magic was buit by our excellent dev team.

Big thanks to Matt Debergalis and the folks over at the Meteor Development Group for working closely with us to push this beast out on time!

We’re proud to be at the front of the Meteor movement as it develops worldwide. From our Meteor workshops to our meetups and bootcamps… in our minds community comes first, and if there’s anything we can do to help it grow, we will.

Hats off to Paul, Karl, Richard and Tony for pouring their souls out (especially over IE8 optimization).

Check it out in all its glory:


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