Thank you

“It takes 20 years to become an overnight success.”

— Eddie Cantor

Just over a year ago OK GROW! was born. Thank you to all our clients and to everyone else who has helped along the way.

The opportunity I saw was that there’s a growing gap between how the best startups launch new products and how the rest do it. Raw technical skill is the most obvious requirement, but technical teams need a lot more than just the ability to write code. They need to be passionate about the business goals for the project, and they need a culture of measuring the effect of their work on real users’ behaviour.

The Lean Startup movement has given us what amounts to a scientific method for launching successful products. We have access to so much more information than ever before, and a list of analytics tools that seems to grow almost daily. But not everyone has read The Lean Startup , Running Lean , and Lean Analytics yet, and not all developers want to believe that their effort is wasted if it didn’t have a measurable effect on a business metric.

So a year ago I set out to help more people build and launch products the way the best startups do it.

As the E-Myth book explains, being good at technical work doesn’t mean you’ll be good at building a business that does technical work. I knew very well how to develop software, I had already been doing that for 17 years, but that’s just a small part of what I needed to do to make OK GROW! successful. I needed to work on a whole new set of skills.

A hard working and organized person can accomplish anything. If I’ve learned anything at all it’s that people have an amazing capacity to learn new things.

So my first task was to seek advice from people who have inspired me in the past. I’m lucky and grateful to have received advice and help from some great mentors such as Pete Forde of Unspace, Satish Kanwar of Jet Cooper, Chad Pytel of Thoughtbot, Pema Hegan, and many others.

My next task is to keep acting on feedback from clients and improving our process, and to continue closing that gap between the way the best startups launch products and the way the rest do it.

And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98¾% guaranteed.)

— Dr. Seuss

So thank you to my clients, thank you to my friends and everyone else who has given advice along the way, and thank YOU for reading this!

— Paul

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