Toronto Tech Roster

About a year ago I was inspired by Portland’s community directory ePDX and wanted something similar for Toronto. ePDX is actually open source, so we forked it, changed the design, and launched the first iteration of a community guide for Toronto as an experiment.

We gave out about 40 mini Moo cards at a Rails pub nite, and ended up with about 60 signups by the end of the week, so I took that as validation of the idea.

But unfortunately the open source project that it was based on was buggy and out of date. Updating it turned out to be so painful that we procrastinated, busy with other work, and didn’t end up promoting it or giving it any love at all. :-(

But we still wanted something to help find like-minded people in Toronto and answer questions like “who else is into AngularJS” or “who else is into functional programming and graph databases?”

So we finally found a little bit of time to fix it. In fact, we scrapped it and quickly wrote a much simpler one, which turned out to be way more fun than breathing life into a hairy ball of Rails 3.1 code.

It’s invitation-only for now to keep out spammers and keep it for real developers and designers in Toronto. but if you want to join email us and I’ll send you an invitation. Then edit your profile and invite some friends. And tell me when you find bugs.

Check it out!

We hope you like it, and I’d love some feedback.

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