The serverless revolution

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Functions conference

The Functions conference coming up this week and the AWS Summit last week has caused me to reflect on the scale of change in our industry over the last decade.

AWS Summit

10 years ago Amazon EC2 redefined how we run online services. At the time it was unheard of to be able to provision a virtual machine in the cloud in minutes. Not only did this transform our ability to flex quickly to meet demand, it changed system architecture. It removed a whole class of DevOps challenges by allowing us to simply delete servers and provision new ones from a template on every deployment.

Then we saw an incremental improvement with lightweight containers and ECS, but there is still a lot of complexity with container management infrastructure like Kubernetes. Managing servers, even virtual ones, is still complex.

The serverless revolution

Now, 10 years in, we’re at the next inflection point: with “serverless” deployment we have again left behind another whole class of DevOps challenges. With services like AWS lambda the concept of a server, with all it’s baggage, is finally gone. It’s just code that runs in the cloud, at any scale. The efficiency gain in our time is huge. And the risk that a custom auto-scaling solution doesn’t work effectively is gone.

We have always embraced anything that lets us focus more on the parts of our work that provide more direct business value and work more efficiently, and serverless is a revolution.

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