The Meteor universe - a list of Meteor resources

Meteor is an open-source platform for building modern web apps and cross-platform mobile apps in a fraction of the time. It is designed to allow programmers with varying expertise to build web apps, allowing for super simplified app development. Programmers can quickly see progress and results.

Here at OK GROW! we love tools that help us ship faster without ever sacrificing on quality. We think that Meteor could be that tool and are always excited to share our experiences and resources with anyone interested. Meteor is still growing and is on it’s way to hitting 1.0. If you’re interested in seeing where Meteor’s development will progress follow along on the Meteor Roadmap.

We also offer a 2-day Meteor Bootcamp in Toronto for anyone interested in an intense Meteor crash course (pun intended).

If you are looking to get started with Meteor here’s a short list of the things we’ve found helpful.




Other Resource Lists

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