Hosted Lean Startup Conference Livestream @ the DMZ

For the second year in a row our team played host to a livestream of the Lean Startup Conference here in Toronto.

This year, we hooked up with the DMZ to use their common space for talks, panels and all the streamed content from SF.

The event was great, what else can I say? We put on a damn good show for anyone in technology. We brought in some true leaders and builders of the startup community here in the City. They were real, honest (brutally), and conveyed curious opinions, hard truths and hopes / fears for Toronto. More importantly they all gave those less experienced an opportunity to get a flavour the kinds of chops it takes to stand up in the Startup space.

There was no fluff; Toronto needs more of this.

We separated the event into 3 segments.

In the morning we invited up Mr. StartupNorth, David Crow himself, to give a talk on testing assumptions and the brutal reality of the VC world.

Following David, Teresa Manley from Ryerson Futures led a panel with 3 DMZ startups; CrowdBabble, FR8_Nex, and Steadfast Beta. Teresa led an insightful talk on data-driven decision making in early stage companies.

To round of the morning segment, we bought in Peter LePiane a Lean/Agile coach and advisor at Pycap Ventures to drill the notion of thinking smaller when building your MVP.

To end the morning segment talks were streamed from SF which included Intuit, GE, Dropbox, and Product Hunt.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a talk from Alex Lynn, Director of Platform at Highline VC on How to Affect Change in an organization. He also looked at some alternatives to Lean or what to do if / when lean falls down.

Alex then led a panel of 3 more established companies; Tack, Bay Street Labs, and Mexis Corp to talk about Growth+Product Strategy.

After our local content, we streamed 2 talks from Google.

Finally the evening portion was the real cherry-on-top. Douglas Soltys, Editor-in-Chief at BetaKit interviewed 3 VCs: Bryan Watson from Flow Ventures, Jonathan Bega from Golden Venture Partners, as well as Alex Lynn from Highline VC. An excellent mix of real on-the-ground insight into their outlook on Toronto vs other cities, our competencies, failures and hopes.

All in all, one heck of a day.

Cheers Michael

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