Case Study - Safe at Home by Kidde

If you’ve ever wandered the aisles in a store like Home Depot you’ve probably seen the impressive array of Kidde smoke alarms and other products that dominate the fire safety section.

Already a well-known brand offline, Kidde Canada wanted to venture into the mobile app world. But they wanted to provide real value to their present and future customers rather than simply moving old media to a new format.

They looked to us for ideas and guidance on what was possible, and for the technical expertise to make it happen. We worked with them to understand their goals and their customers’ goals and held a product design session to plan their first app.

The result was a cross-platform mobile app focused on improving home fire safety. It evaluates your home safety and recommends simple improvements including a customized checklist to simplify shopping for home safety products.

But there was a key problem to solve: how do we make sure the app stays installed after the first few uses? Simple… the core of the app is a truly useful feature: it sends reminders when it’s time to change your smoke alarm batteries and perform other regular maintenance.

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