Startup Metrics Toronto Brings in 100+ For Traction Talk!

What an event. Big thanks to our venue hosts Wave Apps!

Justin Mares came down from SF to give a talk on user-onboarding sparked by the book he co-authored called Traction. (Get it, its awesome).

Justin was Director of Revenue at Exceptional which was recently acquired by SoftLayer for 8 figures. He led a powerful strategy that resulted in boosting conversion from 30% to over 70%.

He talks about using targeted drip emails, friendly phone calls and simply asking what it would take for his clients to pay him.

Watch the full video:

We had over 100 attendees at the event who were provided beer and snacks courtesy of us at OK GROW! Venue hosts were totally awesome, and the good folks at Wave Apps provided the fridges, chairs desks, and everything else that made the event run like clockwork.

We gave away 3 copies of Traction and Aran Hamilton from Vantage Analytics was nice enough to buy more copies too! Thanks Aran :D

Check out the pics, and get out to the next Startup Metrics Toronto!

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