Find us at Elevate Tech Fest Toronto

It’s Elevate tech week here in Toronto - Canada’s largest tech and innovation festival that showcases the best of the Canadian innovation ecosystem. Right now is the most exciting time to be in the fast-growing tech industry, and we - OK GROW!, are joining many other companies this week to learn more about tech growth projections, community building, and innovation.

And speaking about innovation in tech, we’ve come a long way since DemoCamp, which was the beginning of the tech community coming together in Toronto. And it’s not just startups anymore, we’re glad to see so many big companies at the table now - some that grew in the last few years, and some that adopted the innovation mindset.

We’re thrilled to be a part of the conversation on the future of tech and can’t wait to hear from all the wonderful presenters this week.

Find us at Elevate and let’s connect!



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