Building a JavaScript testing community one conference at a time

Last month we had the pleasure of organizing the world’s first ever conference focusing on testing for developers – Assert(js).

Assert(js) won the hearts of everyone who attended, proving that the topic of testing is much needed in the JS community. The majority of the attendees were surprised to learn that it was the conference’s first event, and were happy to be a part of something that could change the way testing is seen and implemented.

Assert(js) is a conference dedicated to promoting collaboration, thought leadership, and knowledge sharing among JS developers and within the testing community. And that’s exactly why the conference was such a success – attendees were engaging in fruitful discussions during breaks, keeping the twitter feed buzzing with quick observations and witty notes regarding the presentations.

But the event couldn’t have been such a success without the presentations of such talented, dedicated, and knowledgeable speakers, who were delivering outstanding and thought provoking talks on the main stage all day. Talks included an array of topics, including speakers’ personal experiences with testing, their testing journeys, and best tools and practices. It was a day packed with topics, but left absolutely everyone with something to think about.

All the talks are now available online, watch them here.

This year’s bar has been set high, but we have no doubt that the next event will be even better!

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