Mobile app development

Build intuitive and engaging native mobile apps for iOS and Android with React Native.

Design thinking

Our development process starts with design. We use a Google Ventures Design Sprint to provide clarity and validation for any project before building it. Throughout the development process we focus on UX and design.

Native app development

We use React Native to build high-performance native apps for both iOS and Android. We have experience with device and OS integration including Bluetooth communication, hardware integration, background location tracking, and other native SDK functionality.

Cloud services

Modern mobile apps are backed by cloud services. We are experts in building reliable and scalable cloud services with Node.js and GraphQL. Ask us about our experience with big data and Machine Learning.

Development process

We work directly with your team from discovery through development, working closely with stakeholders and technical team members. We equip your team with a proven and repeatable development process to ensure that success continues long after our engagement ends.

We use test-driven development to produce more reliable products and keep development velocity consistently high over time.

An example of the way we think and the detailed process that we have honed over many successful projects is an automated build process that runs tests and deploys approved builds automatically (including submission to the app stores). This allows more frequent releases, removes repetitive time-consuming manual tasks and reduces the risk of human error during deployment.

Working together

We work with your team all the way through – from the very beginning stages of the development process to deployment. We equip your team with proven and repeatable development process (including TDD) to ensure that your team continues to succeed long after we’re done.

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