1. Launch early with a high quality minimum viable product

You'll quickly launch a version of your app with minimum scope, even if only to a trusted test group. It will be functional, reliable, beautiful and it will solve the core problem so that you can begin to learn from your customers. If you have taken our Customer Development workshop you should have your first paying customers already. Then you can be sure that the next features you add address real customer needs.

2. Develop more efficiently and grow faster with real-time data

Armed with real-time data about customer behaviour you'll focus development effort on building exactly what your customers want. Using cohort analysis you'll know how changes are affecting customer acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue, and focus development effort on optimizing these key metrics for growth. And you'll avoid wasting development budget on features that aren't used.

3. Iterate to success

Weekly production releases allow you to quickly add or change functionality. With your app gaining traction sooner you'll have more to offer to developers and investors. You'll have a development process in place and a team of experienced developers who can transfer knowledge, best practices and even the culture of a tech startup to your team.

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