Meteor Development

What is Meteor?

Meteor.js is a new toolkit for building modern web apps and cross-platform mobile apps in a fraction of the time.

Better web apps

Today's minimum baseline for a web app is no longer pages generated on the server and forms with submit buttons. We expect an interactive browser-based experience.

Plus, we now expect realtime data and live page updates. We expect the page to update in response to new data, not just when we navigate or manually refresh the page.

Better mobile apps

Thankfully mobile apps are held to a higher standard. But they too often lack live updates. Is "pull to refresh" really the state of the art? We think not.

Cross-platform mobile apps are usually built using HTML5 and JavaScript and Meteor is an excellent complement to this, giving us faster development and live data updates.

Faster development

Many popular tools require building what is essentially two systems: a server to store and process data in the cloud, and a client app built on iOS, Android, or using JavaScript in the browser. And it's up to the developer to make sure they communicate correctly.

But we don’t like to waste time and effort. Meteor gives you a modern app in a fraction of the time because you don't need to build two separate systems, and then it gives you live data updates for free.

Meteor builds on the best tools available:

Meteor has $11.2 million dollars in funding from the biggest VC's in Silicon Valley and an all-star development team. And we’re using it for a turbo boost.

Community and teaching

We run a 3-day Meteor & React training course for developers, we're organizers and regulars at the official Meteor Toronto Meetup and we run a monthly Meteor hack night at our office. Come out and meet us.

Ask us if your project is a good fit for Meteor.

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